Cómo perdió Britney Spears 20 libras

Britney Spears ha tenido su episodio de altibajos – pero ahora, su carrera se está proyectando hacia arriba (con un nuevo álbum, Glory, y su residencia en Las Vegas) y su peso ha bajado bastante: 20 libras desde hace algunos años. Afortunadamente para nosotros los mortales, la estrella de pop y su tonificada y elegante figura no ha sido tímida acerca de compartir su dieta y secretos de ejercicio, y no requieren costosos planes de comidas o gimnasios privados.

Diapositiva 2 de 8: <p>Britney used to be a slave to junk food, feasting on Cheetos, frapuccinos and French fries. The Daily Mail reports she's swapped all that stuff for a high-protein, low-carb diet — with the occasional treat of chocolate or pizza. Spears told the New York Daily News that she favors raw food — sushi and fresh fruit are staples.</p>

Diapositiva 5 de 8: <p>As her Instagram attests, Britney supplements her healthy diet and exercise regimen with soothing cups of tea, a natural fat burner and metabolism booster. Which ones are best for your taste buds and waistline? Check out these <a href="http://www.eatthis.com/green-tea-melt-fat">23 Amazing Ways to Melt Fat With Tea</a>!</p>

Diapositiva 6 de 8: <p>When she's in L.A., Britney does downward dog twice a week with Elizabeth I., owner of EQI Yoga Studio. “Sometimes we focus on the core or relaxation, but other times I just kick her butt!” Elizabeth told Glamour. Each session lasts an hour to 90 minutes.</p>

Diapositiva 7 de 8: <p>"If I don’t work out [in a gym], I’m either swimming laps or I’m doing yoga," Spears told Women's Health. Hitting the water at the gym can give you the confidence to hit the beach, along with these <a href="http://www.eatthis.com/bikini-body-foods">35 Foods to Get You Bikini Ready</a>!</p>


Diapositiva 8 de 8: <p>Tony Martinez trained Britney for her Las Vegas residency, which began in December 2013. "She loves all core workouts," he said. "She's a very tenacious woman. She wants to get it done and get it done right." Tony said he and Britney work out with circular "core discs," using them for mountain climbers and "a barrel-roll tuck-in where you turn around all the way over and then you bring your knees in. So really functional exercises... she's like, "I really feel this."'</p>

Tony Martínez entrenó a Britney para su residencia en Las Vegas, que comenzó en diciembre de 2013. “Ella ama todos los entrenamientos básicos”, dijo. “Es una mujer muy tenaz, quiere hacerlo y hacerlo bien”. Tony dijo que él y Britney trabajan con discos circulares, usándolos para las escaladoras y “un rollo con el que da vuelta todo el camino y luego lo lleva sobre sus rodillas”. Así que los ejercicios son realmente funcionales. Ella dice, “realmente siento esto”.

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